STYLE GURU STYLE: Never Enough Denim

September 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

The world of denim is probably at it’s highest peak at this moment in time. For years, jeans have been almost limited to the styles of the slim skinny, low-rise, high-rise, bootcut or flare. Fast-forward to today and you can find denim ranging from every day hand-distressed to a dressy dark wash, for say, a cocktail party. With the booming market of denim, new designs and innovations, why settle by wearing them with T-shirts? There are constantly new designs and innovations being made that make denim the least bit boring. I treat my jeans as a fashion staple that I can dress up or down. And with new ways to style each different cut, I can never own too many pairs.

I was inspired by the Frame Denim fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection for this fun look. This collection is full is simplicity, a trend I swear by. It also has some fun ’70s vibes that inspired me to work with denim on denim. I took the daring trend of denim on denim and made it more everyday appropriate. Now, some may say denim on denim is a total fashion no-no, but it’s all about how you wear it and how you mix certain pieces. My advice would be to never wear two of the same denim wash. Instead, mix different washes and rock this daring trend to class, work or a casual date!

For my look, I mixed a light-wash denim shirt with a skinny cut pair of dark-wash jeans. I suggest adding a little bit of color with contrasting colored accessories. Try a fun colored tote bag for you school books, and some beaded bracelets that are oh-so trendy. The contrasting colors will draw attention away from the blue on blue, and add some fun!

Get My Look: 1. Light-wash denim shirt. 2. Dark-wash jeans. 3. Tote bag. 4. Beaded bracelets.