STYLE GURU STYLE: Neutrally Stylish

Oh fellow Fashionistas/os, have you ever had that one runway look that you can’t seem to shake out of your head? Well, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Lately, Burberry has been the biggest influence on my style. How could it not? The classy, chic and bold looks are to die for! Inspired by the legendary Burberry Prorsum fall 2015 ready-to-wear line, I am rocking a Ralph Lauren capelet, Forever 21 distressed denim, a burgundy statement purse along with simple nude flats.

This season, neutrals are an absolute must-have. Even more important than neutrals, I find that one large statement piece, such as this creme waffle capelet, is all you need to be runway ready at any given time. It is simple, yet chic, as well as easy to throw on during a rough and rainy morning. Not only does my cape embody the runway look, but it adds comfort, which is so vital in order to focus during class.

While I may not have front row seats to fashion week, I know how to rock the latest trends on a dollar budget. Stores such as Forever 21 or H&M are my go-to if I want to feel like a million bucks without feeling like I spent that much.

The distressed denim I paired with my capelet is my personal technique to transition the high fashion look into a casual ensemble. The distressed look also adds more dimension along with texture to spruce up any simple outfit such as this. Distressed denim of any wash is a great add-on to an outfit. Always make sure it complements the tone of the rest of your outfit. Wearing a dark brown turtleneck? Try a dark denim. Wearing a blush pink tank top? Try a light washed pair. It can easily create what you are trying to tell the world about your personality or even mood.

My accessories tend to be quite minimal; as I said earlier, all I need is one large statement piece for an outfit to feel complete. Here, I am wearing a rose-gold link watch and pointed nude flats. Together, this beautiful pair perfectly complements one another and it gives off a certain theme that others will be eager to figure out. The burgundy school purse that I am wearing is a simple yet bold way to add a pop of color to contrast with the neutrals that I am wearing. 

Get My Look: 1.This chic Ralph Lauren capelet. 2. The pointiest pointed-flats you can find. 3. Distressed denim. 4. An elegant rose-gold watch. 5. A fall-colored statement purse.