STYLE GURU STYLE: Neutralize and Accessorize

As I scroll through my Instagram feed and flip through the pages of a magazine, I have noticed that very apparent emphasis on neutrals. Black dresses, tops and jeans fill the spaces. In a fashion realm consumed by neutrals, how does one stand out?

In taking inspiration from the Celine spring 2016 collection, I have found that embracing neutrals is not something to shy away from. Rather, it is something to embrace, plus more! Take your black, white, and beige pieces and add in some bold and quirky accessories.

With the help of unique accessories, one’s outfit can stay neutral and functional, but it can quickly turn interesting and not one bit bland. I combined this black, button-up dress with a skinny scarf, hoop earrings and the star of the show; my star embellished mules. These shoes are not only very on-trend right now, but the addition of the western-inspired star detailing adds a quirkiness to the shoe that a basic pair of mules does not contain.

In pairing different pieces together this summer, it’s alright to keep a look neutral, clean and simple. However, it is as easy to put together a basic outfit as it is to throw on a couple of whimsical accessories. Fashion is a form of expression. When a Fashionista is getting ready for the day, they are displaying their persona through their wardrobe. Add a quirky flair to your look in order to represent the quirky piece of your personality. Do not be afraid to be yourself in your outfit, because clothing is a way to express who you are.

Get My Look: 1. Button-up dress. 2. Hoop earrings. 3. Skinny scarf. 4. Mules.