Happy New Years, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Wow, 2015 went by so fast, I can barely believe it’s already 2016. If you walked into my closet, all you would see is black, black, black and black. Now that we’re almost half way through January, I can say that I have been pretty successful with one of my goals for this year, wearing more color. (yay!)

Color is always a bold choice for me, because black goes well with everything, and makes everything look fierce. I’ve found the more I wear color, the more I feel happy and cheerful! Since I live in Minnesota, the winters are long, cold and most of the time, unbearable, but this jacket really made a bright winter day, seem like spring is coming soon.

There was a trend last year, right around this time, that was a tribute to pop-culture icons, such as Barbie and McDonald’s, from Moschino’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. It was a crazy, cartoonish and colorful collection, that really caught my attention. Which inspired this colorful, orange jacket.

Choosing more of a bold statement, I picked this orange active jacket. This jacket is so simple, yet at the same time is such a statement. It’s ridged, and has adorable little clasps in the back, allowing it to form perfectly to my body. It’s such a fun jacket to wear! Underneath, I put a simple white T-shirt with a longer back, just so that it added a little drama.

I went with a staple pair of cuffed blue jeans, so that my leopard booties could make a statement. These leopard booties are so much fun to style, and weirdly, they really almost work with everything. I thought that these leopard booties, really brought some pattern and funk to represent a pop-culture fad. For accessories, I added some blue mirrored aviators, which in my opinion, are a must-have for your closet. I also added a simple gold bar necklace to the look, just to add a little sparkle to everything. To top off the outfit, (ha) I paired this huge pom-pom neon yellow hat. Always a bold statement, but definitely a smart pick for the brisk cold winter.

This outfit definitely brings a lot of color in the middle of winter. Fashion in the midst of a Minnesota winter is always known as the chunky sweaters, dark colors and lots and lots of layers. This style really breaks it up and allows yourself to stand out.

Get My Look: 1. Pom-pom hat. 2. Mirrored aviators. 3. Leopard booties.