STYLE GURU STYLE: Nancy Drew, Nancy Who?

Happy October, everyone. It’s autumn and I hope your days have been filled with all of life’s most wonderful things: naps, lattes and plenty of closet space. I, for one, have been suffering from a lack of sleep, caffeine and places to put my growing collection of vintage denim. If only there were enough time, tea, and drawers—but that’s enough blabber. Let’s get right into today’s look, which, admittedly, is kinda-sorta Nancy Drew-inspired. You know, if Nancy wore ironic T-shirts and dark purple lipstick.

Acne Studio’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection consists of a whole lot of my two favorite things—over-sized outerwear and plaids. Along with heavy coats, bright accents and shiny leather ensembles also found their way to the catwalk and I couldn’t have fallen more in love with the chunky, weird and totally #RAD threads that Acne brought to the table. After viewing the pre-fall 2015 collection a few weeks back (I wrote about it here), I didn’t think things could get any better. Yet, this collection left me as dazzled as ever.

Channeling the fashion house’s use of prints, I tossed on my new favorite skirt—something I found hidden amongst the racks at a second hand store near Grandma’s house. My favorite thing about the maroon piece is its length. Falling somewhere between actual school girl and halloween school girl, the skirt’s design allows me to be mobile while still looking a little bit dainty. Since both Acne and I are so big on outerwear, I decided that this was the perfect time to shamelessly wear my favorite jean jacket around my waist instead of on my shoulders (this is my definition of mixing it up, y’all). Heather gray crew socks, tortoise shell glasses and leather penny loafers accent my lightheartedly nerdy graphic T-shirt.

Get My Look: 1. A plaid skirt of your choice. 2. Classic footwear. 3. A graphic T-shirt that fits your unique self.