STYLE GURU STYLE: More Than Monochromatic

I have something to confess to my jury of Fashionistas/os: my wardrobe is pretty lacking in terms of color. When in doubt, I find black is usually my best option, and a masculine take on the color is my ultimate weakness.

I realize that monochromatic looks are almost always in trend, but I’ve yet to find a collection that really branches off the style to create something more unique. Then, I found Juicy Couture’s 2015 ready-to-wear collection. This show initially piqued my interest for its blend of monochromatic and preppy looks.

There are other aspects to this collection that I also appreciated. Each outfit seems to expertly play with both masculine and feminine elements. While black and white certainly have starring roles in most of these pieces, I noticed that most of these looks also featured a slight pop of color.

How could I create a blend of monochromatic, preppy, masculine, feminine and a touch of color? First, I had to start with the base, which meant plenty of black. I opted for my go-to pair of black leggings, along with my favorite boots. Next, in order to add a preppy touch, I selected by trusty black blazer.

Now, how to implement that feminine vibe? A white ruffled blouse solved my problems. Then, I added some bright earrings to give my look just a touch of color. I also went with some vibrant makeup color choices.

More than anything else, this look inspired me to take some chances with my outfit selections in the future. No one says I have to stick to one style or trend. Blending a bunch of inspirations together can create something unique and fun.

Get My Look: 1. A flawless black blazer. 2. A white ruffled blouse. 3. Colorful earrings.