STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochromatic Mood

The classic black and white look has always been one of my personal favorites. So, when I saw that the monochromatic flare was overtaking the runways this season I could not have been more excited. Black and white clothes (just like my love for black and white cookies) are something that I have always found tasteful and classic. The simplest addition of a colorful ingredient pops and completely changes the simple monochromatic equation. My inspiration for ways to rock an all black combination of pieces definitely grew when I began my internship here in New York City because my dress code is simple—all black, all the time. With that said, I definitely wear black out of the office, being that this color takes up more then half of my closet, but I always try to add another element. White is the perfect complement of an all black ensemble, the yin yang combination works in perfect harmony.

Today’s outfit was brought to you straight from the archives of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue coverage on the spring 2017 looks to watch. Instead of pairing my black high-waisted trousers with the usual heels, I opted for a pair of Adidas Stan Smith kicks. The runway shows of Vera Wang, Max Mara, and Louis Vuitton spring 2017 ready-to-wear collections taught us that athletic looks can be incredibly feminine, edgy, and well, high-fashion. All of these shows had two essential elements in common: a monochromatic palette and a sporty vibe.

Adding to my look, I a chose to wear a black-cropped sweatshirt with a strapless white turtleneck underneath. The white turtleneck lightens up the darkness of the pants and the sweatshirt, while also drawing attention in a positive light. The turtleneck also dared me to not wear a completely black outfit (as usual). Adding to the monochromatic elements. I elected to wear my beautiful cream fringed backpack that I found at TJ Maxx for an outstanding price! Finishing off my look, I styled my Vera Wang sunglasses because although they may be the most expensive accessory I own, they are by far the coolest. These sunglasses rock because they have an element of safety included. In the manufacturing of the lenses corners, it is set up so that you can actually see everything behind you.

With the seasonal change of summer upon us, it is the perfect time to finish off the days when comfortable pants and sweatshirts can be worn. Make the most out of these pieces while you still can Fashionistas/os! In just a few short weeks you won’t be needing them anymore!