STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochromatic Moment

The Givenchy spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection influenced my look. The collection consisted of black and white monochromatic looks, with a play on various textures. Riccardo Tisci’s use of black in his collection inspired me to go for an all-black look.

Part of my fashion evolution has been experimenting with various trends. I have always been a loyal fan of bright colors; however, I have been incorporating more black into my closet. I’ve also learned that black goes with everything! I think it takes courage and a keen eye to wear one hue from head to toe.

The central piece of my look was my jacket. I was drawn to it because its placement of leather: the striped leather pattern on the sleeves, the leather accents on the zipper and the leather on the inner flap. I purchased it in Barcelona and it continues to be one of my prized possessions in my closet. Underneath, I combined a knit sweater, with a pair of black denim jeans. For shoes, I opted for a pair of crocodile-patterned leather sneakers. I still love color, so I opted for navy blue socks to add a touch of color yet subtle enough to keep on trend with my monochromatic ensemble.

As far as accessories go, I opted for a simple, silver chocker necklace. My bracelets are Maasai beaded bangles from Kenya (they always make me feel connected to my Kenyan culture). I collect them, so I have them in various colors and sizes. I finished off my look with a classic red lip.

Head to toe black can seem a little intimidating but you can play with textures to make it more edgy or feminine. In the Givenchy collection, Tisci used black lace and suede to make his collection less intimidating. I broke the monotony of all-black by experimenting with different textures of black. My knit sweater, black jeans and crocodile pattern leather sneakers offset each other. Taking inspiration from Givenchy, I was able to make my ensemble effortless, wearable and most importantly, campus friendly.

Get my Look: 1. Leather jacket. 2. Croc sneakers. 3. Black denim jeans.