STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochromatic Magic

When it is freezing cold outside it’s hard enough to get out of bed, let alone put on a cute outfit. Jason Wu‘s fall 2015 collection provided the perfect solution, monochromatic outfits. Monochromatism is defined as having or consisting of one color or hue. Dressing can’t be any easier when all you have to do is pair like colors together. Jason Wu beautifully debuted monochromatic jewel toned outfits while other designers featured monochromatic pastel and nude outfits. No matter what the color, dressing in all one shade is a huge trend this winter.

Monochromatism isn’t just a trend for the runways. Tons of celebrities have already embraced this chic way of dressing. Kim Kardashian almost never leaves the house without a monochromatic outfit. Some other celebrities who have dabbled with the trend include Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Clearly this trend is simple, but it can also be sophisticated, edgy, fun or whatever you make it to be.

My look consisted of a dress, oversized blazer and boots all in various shades of gray and black. You can never go wrong with black on black. I chose a gray sweater dress to stay warm and comfortable in the cold winter weather. Then, I paired it with an oversized herringbone blazer for warmth. I love the juxtaposition between the flare of the feminine dress and the masculine silhouette of the blazer. I also wore a pair of black tights which are a necessity if you want to wear a dress in the winter. Black boots are a signature of mine and go with every outfit. I topped of the look with a silver necklace to pair with the cool toned colors.

Get My Look: 1. Oversized blazer. 2. Pleated dress. 3. Black boots.