I struggle daily deciding what to wear. I strive for practicality and comfort more than trying to look overly spiffy, though I have my moments. Nine times out of ten, I dress like a boy by pairing a flannel with a V-neck and finishing off the look with one of my many pairs of Vans. While on a mad search for a collection that would answer my needs of comfort and boyish flair I found 6397’s pre-fall 2015 collection, which was absolutely everything I could have hoped for.

This collection has a focus on modern tomboy style while sticking with a feminine aesthetic. Every look gives off the vibe of “less is more,” but stays trendy and true to the brand. Highlights of the line include baggy graphic T-shirts, boyfriend jeans and my favorite thing of all—Vans sneakers. This sold me on this collection right then and there. Rummaging through my closet, I knew there was nothing stopping me from pulling off the look the 6397 model is conveying.

Keeping the color palette minimal, I wanted to play off the use of dark and light colors. Not necessarily going for monochromatic, I chose a baggier navy blue cut-off shirt that hasn’t seen the light of day since the blisteringly hot summer months. I’m a black skinny jean fiend, so changing it up with a pair of blue boyfriend jeans made quite the difference. To cover up and stay warm, I opted for a light green jacket to the likeness of 6937’s black jacket. Of course, I had to throw a little detail in to make my outfit pop while still keeping the overall image of this casual line. Searching through the many pairs of Vans that I own, I chose my awesome cat printed sneakers that Vans and the ASPCA collaborated on.

Simplicity is one of my favorite fashion routes to take and 6397’s pre-fall line is everything a not so feminine Fashionista can wear. However, those who are girly can take note of this collection, too. This collection gears more towards masculine styled clothing albeit keeping a feminine silhouette. Take note on this cool collection and style, for anyone can pull off 6397’s look with a casual mindset.

Get My Look: 1. Dark colored or graphic top. 2. Lightweight jacket. 3. A pair of Vans.