STYLE GURU STYLE: Modern Elegance

STYLE GURU STYLE: Modern Elegance

Carolina Herrera’s recent resort 2017 collection is a breath of fresh air. It’s elegant, classy, beautiful and embodies the modern woman. It’s for the working girl who wants to stay stylish on the job. This collection includes beautiful silhouettes and oversized wide leg pants, along with embracing the classic peplum tops. Of course, there were also the elegant sequin and ruffled dresses too! Included were trendy accessories, such as neck scarves and chokers. Besides the fact that this collection is beautiful, I’ve also chosen this collection to help formulate my outfit because it’s definitely a more different and mature approach to my usual style, and I like that! I’m always open to trying different styles and looks as my love for fashion and style constantly evolves and matures.

Luckily, I had the perfect items for this inspired look. I brought out my simple black and white peplum top since they were a major focus in this collection. This top can be worn with so many different types of looks too. I don’t own any wide leg pants myself, so I decided to wear my more flared trousers. It’s a little different, but still similar and kept in theme with the look I was aiming for. These pants fit tighter than the ones displayed in the collection, but I ended up really liking the look. It gave off a businesswoman vibe!

I really wanted this look to be minimal and chic, so I opted to keep accessories to a minimum. I think when wearing a top that really exposes the upper chest area, small and dainty necklaces are a must. As opposed to overdramatic and bold necklaces that might be too much of a distraction, especially since I want my outfit to be the main focus point. I ended up choosing my go-to cute and dainty silver necklace from Forever 21. It’s totally simple and doesn’t draw any attention away from my look, but still is a cute accent to add.

Get My Look: 1. A classic peplum top. 2. Wide leg flare pants. 3. Simple dainty necklace.