Now that New York Fashion Week has come to a close, we Fashionistas and Fashionistos are left with our minds racing. We are thinking about all the new outfits we can create in our existing wardrobes, and future purchases we can make to enhance our style even more. One runway show that stood out to me the most was the Louis Vuitton 2016 ready-to-wear collection, which is compiled of pieces that are normally seen as feminine and given a harder, more punk rock appearance. I loved this collection because they use so many different fabrics and really strayed away from the classic Louis Vuitton “look.” I am also a huge fan of leather so I really loved every piece from this collection.

My look is definitely much more toned down than the runway show, but I still wanted to keep the look chic and mix different fabrics and styles. I decided to wear this mod, ’60s-inspired mini dress and pair it with a leather jacket to harden the look. I topped it with a really unique oversized necklace to make the outfit stand out and make it a little more interesting. To add a little more edge to the look, I wore a pair of leather platform booties, which definitely have a hint of a menswear and gothic look to them.

I really like when an outfit is inspired by different kinds of mixed media, rather than focusing on one theme. You look way more #RAD in an outfit with imagination and substance, rather than wearing pieces that obviously go together. In my opinion, a well made leather jacket is an absolute staple to any wardrobe because you can literally wear it with anything. I love wearing mine with dresses because it adds real depth to a simple look. This runway show really inspired me to play around with some of the more feminine pieces I have in my wardrobe and add something to them that gives it a little bit of a rock and roll edge.

Get My Look: 1. Dress. 2. Jacket. 3. Sunglasses. 4. Boots. 5. Necklace.