STYLE GURU STYLE: Mixing Stripes

I based my style for this week on the Marc Jacobs spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. This collection has a lot of great looks that are very patriotic looking. The main thing I loved about this collection was the patterns going on. This collection has a lot of stripes, flannel and more fun patterns. There are also a lot of red and blue hues in this collection.

This season, my absolute favorite color to wear is maroon. This color is also very popular right now, I see it everywhere I go! I am wearing a maroon cardigan with a navy and ivory striped top underneath. I love how the shirt sleeves are longer than the cardigan. Paired with this striped top and cardigan, I decided to wear my bandage leggings. Not only are they super comfortable but they also bring in more stripes to the outfit. What I love most about these leggings is that they are just so different than regular leggings. The Marc Jacobs Spring collection has a lot of pattern mixing; so mixing different sizes and shapes of stripes was a must for my look!

When deciding on the best accessories, I wanted to make this outfit more dramatic. I decided to pair a lighter brown to make everything pop with my purse and flats. I personally feel really put together when my shoes match my purse. I especially love maroon and brown together! Lastly, I chose wide framed sunglasses and a petite flower crown to finish off the look.

Get My Look: 1. Striped long sleeve 2. Bandage leggings 3. Maroon cardigan