STYLE GURU STYLE: Mixing Bright Colors And Neutral Shades

January 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

The pre-fall 2015 collection from Emilio Pucci was an eye-opener. The vibrant colors in concert with neutrals like black, brown and white created a powerful and playful feel to each ensemble. Each outfit manifested a bold burst of color in its own way, often accompanied by a neutralizing shade that brought out the bright color even more. The collection incorporated a diverse range of shapes and silhouettes, from shift gowns to babydoll dresses, and a wide scope of personalities, with its sensual plunging gowns to rigid pantsuits. The stark contrast of bold colors and neutral tones throughout the collection created a visual symphony that sparked my curiosity. There’s something beautiful about seemingly different worlds coming together. Emilio Pucci celebrates the perfect union of two completely different color palettes—bright colors and neutral shades.

So one day, I decided to channel this union of colors in this outfit with a solid dark bottom and a bright violet sweater in ombre to give it some variety. I generally like to stick with a minimalist style with lots of black and whites, but here I threw in a bright pastel for a different personality.

The pre-fall 2015 show inspired me to experiment with colors and branch out of my typical color palette. The myriad combination of colors in each outfit is daring and gives the outfits both a sense of harmony and tension, which is absolutely refreshing and fascinating. I’ll continue to play with this combination of vibrant bursts of colors paired with classic neutrals.

Get My Look: 1. A marled cowl sweater. 2. Straight black jeans. 3. Criss-cross leather sandals.