When it comes to personal style, it’s convenient to have a go-to formula for creating an outfit that is undeniably “you.” While winter has been transitioning into spring, my go-to has generally consisted of various combinations of a skinny scarf and fur vests. Considering that it’s now May, I figured I should phase out my vests for a few months! This has led me to depart from my former default outfit idea, and to resort first and foremost to pattern mixing.

As anyone who knows me would be able to attest to, I am quite the fan of patterns. While shopping, it’s not entirely uncommon for me to be immediately drawn to anything with stripes. That being said, when worn alone, a Breton stripe top (my personal favorite) isn’t always the most flattering on me. So, with a decently boxy top half, how do I make my beloved Breton pieces work for me? I pile on the patterns.

Although I wish Mother Nature would stop being such a tease, occasionally I still need to sport multiple layers. One of my favorite new additions is my Chanel-inspired, boucle-type jacket. Having recently acquired it, I’ve been trying to get plenty of wears out of my “Legally Blonde” reminiscent jacket. By throwing this pink piece over the striped top, it acts as a fun way of breaking up the stripes beneath.

Finally, I added a silk patterned scarf. Because the scarf draws on bits of pink, navy and white, it’s the perfect accent to make the combination of the jacket and the Breton top seem more cohesive. Although I’ll miss using my pattern mixing to come up with cool outfits for blustery weather, I’m looking forward to trying my hand at utilizing this formula to create summer looks; the countdown to summer break begins!