I’m extra excited to write this article because it’s the only article where I’m actually able to broadcast and show my style! I have a passion for fashion and a fly style that matches my lifestyle.

Since I was a child, fashion and style have been largely influential in my life. I follow the motto, “Look good, feel better.” It is absolutely necessary I look nice each day and even more important for my #GuruGang to look and feel just as nice. My personal style is always a combination of comfortable and cute, and is always right for the occasion. I mix and match patterns, customize my own clothes, and love a good grunge aspect. So, you guys should be able to take this look and apply it to your everyday wardrobe or even if you’re going for a night out.

For a day out in the city, and one of the few days where the weather was cooperative, I completely took advantage. There was no need for a heavy coat today, but adding a camo jacket to any outfit can give you the layer of warmth that you’re looking for while also adding a trendy and timeless feeling. Camo jackets can be customized to your own personal taste by adding patches, fringing or even glitter if thats how you’re feeling.

Next with this look, I took an old zebra print dress and transformed it into a skirt. If you ever wish you had an article of clothing and you think you could make it—go for it! You can turn something that you never wear into something that you want to wear all the time with just a few minor alterations like cutting, hemming, or adding on.

There was no need for a top that was too over the top when you have a jacket and a bottom that both have patterns, but a statement pair of shoes can go a long way. To add the personal grunge aspect to this ensemble, adding a simple pair of holed fishnets and platform heels was exactly what was needed. This was just a glimpse of my personal style but style is innate, it can’t be taught but it can be bought.