The holiday season has come to a close and Fashionistas are eager to wear all the new clothes they received as gifts. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you wear new clothes for the first time. Instead of wearing all your brand new clothes the first week back to school, try mixing new pieces with old ones. This will spread out the new clothing pieces and give you a chance to be creative with the wardrobe you already have.

For the look I am wearing, I received the olive skirt for Christmas along with a velvet, open-shoulder top to pair with it. I loved both the pieces but wanted to spread out my new clothes. I decided to separate the outfit and pair the two pieces with clothing I already had in my closet. I paired the olive skirt with a black and white long-sleeved top I already had. Stripes are very popular this season and this outfit uses that trend multiple ways. The top has horizontal stripes while the skirt has subtle vertical stripes. This may seem like stripe overload, but the different directions and sizes of the stripes make the outfit balanced.  The outfit is finished with black loafers, a chunky sliver necklace, and pop of color in the purse.

As all the Fashionistas are headed back to school after winter break, I encourage you to get creative with your new clothing. Mix and match new and old pieces to create something brand new. This will keep your wardrobe new and fresh for the upcoming semester.