STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimalistic Is The New Black

What better way to express yourself than through your own personal style? It can give a first impression or a lasting impression. One can have an ever-changing style or one can have a bold signature look that everyone knows and remembers them for. Stella McCartney has that signature look that makes her collections look so effortlessly chic. I admire her way of simplicity and unchallenged outfits. McCartney’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection is a prime example of how her simple looks scream the perfect everyday style. This collection makes it easy for a woman to be her most fashionable self with confidence without going over the top and keeping it minimal.

Much like Stella McCartney’s fall collection, I dress with a simple ready-to-wear pairing and add a bold touch with a necklace, pop of color and some leather. It feels the most comfortable to me and being comfortable and confident is the best way a woman can feel. It can really make or break your hectic day ahead or it could give you that extra push to show up to that two and a half hour class, because when I look good, I feel good as do many other Fashionistas/os! As a Fashionista, I like to dress for my day ahead by staying minimal and effortless.

With this look, I am wearing distressed jeans, rolled up of course, and a white contemporary crop top paired with my black leather jacket and my mustard color lace up flats (my bold touch of color). I added a gold necklace, a gold watch and my sassy cat purse to complete my minimal yet bold look.

Get My Look: 1. Distressed Jeans 2. Lace up Flats 3. Boxy Top