STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimalistic Elegance

With crazy prints or silhouettes, runway trends may appear difficult to introduce into a college student’s everyday wardrobe. Let’s not forget about the hefty price tag! When bringing a runway trend to life, it is best to take inspiration.

As seen on Junya Watanabe fall 2015 runway, the designer utilized a minimalist approach to professional wear. The designer embraced the classic white button-down with contrasting black elements such as skirts and pants. When you are constantly trying to stand out among the rest, a minimalist approach can be even more eye-catching. A simple outfit may draw attention to your face or other elements of your look that you would like to highlight.

To translate this look into everyday wear, I picked out a classic white button-down from my closet. Since it has been quite warm in Delaware recently,  I chose a lighter linen fabric. I tucked the shirt into a black A-line skirt. The panels on the skirt were reminiscent of the one featured on the Junya Watanabe runway. The shorter length and neoprene fabric adds a younger approach to this runway look.

With the shirt completely buttoned to the top, I did not want to feel too minimalist. I paired this outfit with a statement necklace to add some attention to the collar. The blue and greens of the statement necklace add a colorful touch without being too distracting. For my choice of shoes, I decided on a pair of pointed cheetah printed flats. Since my look was inspired from the runway show, I added my own creative additions to translate this look into my own style.

Get My Look: 1. Button-down shirt. 2. Black skirt. 3. Cheetah flats.