STYLE GURU STYLE: Military Refined

When I think of military tents, I do not contemplate a runway collection that is created from such material, which is precisely why Greg Lauren’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection was a nice surprise indeed.

Lauren’s collection consisted of distressed clothing cut from a utilitarian tent cloth. Colors were an important component to the collection starting with military green, which transformed into grays, then khakis, into whites, dark blues and ended with black. Denim was also a main element that was artistically sewed onto some of the fabric. From this material evolved beautiful articles of clothing from ponchos, vests with hoods, jackets and skinny jeans decorated with suspenders. The outfits were elegantly accessorized with chic hats, scarves tied effortlessly around the neck and cool-as-can-be boots. Overall, the collection gave the vibe of a sophisticated I-don’t-care attitude that I immediately wanted to replicate with my own attire.

Taking encouragement from Lauren’s edgy line, I decided to stay with a monochromatic wardrobe, starting with black chino pants rolled at the cuff for a more slouchy effect. Since it is the middle of winter, I added lots of layers underneath my black puffer coat including a black feminine dress jacket, a gray button-down boyfriend shirt for an oversized appeal and a white T-shirt. The gray vest matched perfectly with the button-down while adding a more masculine feel to the apparel. A pair of black booties along with the dark fedora gave an additional twist to the ensemble. For the final touch I wore a feather statement necklace for extra boldness.

Greg Lauren’s grungy, but sleek collection gave me the motivation to try military-inspired clothing in a different direction, along with the confidence to wear more refined clothing that I never would have considered to wear on campus.

Get My Look: 1. Stylish black jacket. 2. Chic black booties. 3. An awesome statement necklace. 4. One very mod fedora hat.