STYLE GURU STYLE: Merry and Bright

Well, we’re officially deep into December. Exams are over, there’s a feeling of festivity in the air and we’re finally making our journeys back home. Since packing for break is already difficult enough, it feels nice to have a go-to holiday outfit planned that you know for a fact will support you in any way you need.

Holiday looks are all about warmth and fun. What first comes to mind is typically things like red, glitter and bows—but there are plenty of other new and refreshing options to change things up with. Fun and unique silhouettes and styles with a cozy color palette will always steer you in the right direction.

When I saw this top at one of my favorite shops right outside of campus, Bluetique, I could tell it was the holiday piece I had been looking for. Hunter green is such a staple December color, hinting of the holidays without being to in-your-face about it. However, what really makes this shirt special is the ruffled sleeves. They give the look a festive air, perfect for dancing by the Christmas tree or sitting around the fire with family and friends. The sleeves make that statement everybody looks for in a holiday outfit, but in a subtle way.

I accessorized this look by adding a white scarf with black minimalistic stripes, which I also found at Bluetique. The scarf is both functional and pretty, keeping me nice and warm while also jazzing up my outfit. I then added my favorite black hat, a black cross-body bag and accented the look with a red lip—adding just the right amount of holiday flair.

Holiday fashion is something to have fun with. Since a lot of the break consists of lounging around in chunky sweaters, watching Netflix and taking naps to make up for finals week, its nice to step out and add a little festivity to your wardrobe. No matter what you may be celebrating this season, you deserve to have an outfit that celebrates with you.