STYLE GURU STYLE: Menswear Mixup

Quirky, eccentric, ethnic: the spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection proves J.Crew’s understated coolness. This all-American brand is known for its preppy classics, but this season’s crop provided a new twist to their standard aesthetic. After a trip to Ibiza, J.Crew designers were inspired to incorporate the country’s influence into the line. Known for their traditional menswear-inspired pieces, J.Crew has undoubtedly mixed up their pool of “basics.” The fourth look in the collection perfectly sums up the brand image and my new go-to for this spring.

Since the new year has begun, I have had an insane urge to cleanse my closet of any and all unnecessary pieces. Even though I still have far to go (curse you high school dance sweatshirt), I have been able to define my personal style in ways I never imagined. The successful remodeling of J.Crew has been inspiring to both me and my closet; take these cropped pants for example. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in joggers, satin pants or the like. However, menswear-inspired is the very foundation of my new “look.” I love how easy it is to dress up or dress down pants like these, not only because they are black but also because of their easygoing features. Pairing them with a graphic T-shirt, simple heels and standout jewelry is just one way I like to fit the J.Crew “mold.”

This spring 2015 show not only opened new doors for J.Crew, but it also gave new meaning to my personal style. You know that “cool girl” vibe so many of us try to achieve? Well, this show was like the how-to guide for college students that need to look professional, but with a limited budget and closet options.

Get My Look: 1. Graphic T-shirt. 2. Cropped Trousers. 3. Pointed-Toe Pumps. 4. Statement Necklace.