STYLE GURU STYLE: Menswear Madness

Ever notice how some businessmen always seem to look polished in the same suit and tie day after day? I often find myself wondering how easy it must be for all the guys out there to get ready in the morning, essentially knowing what they’re going to wear before they even get out of bed. It’s not before long that my idle curiosity on this matter transforms into a touch of jealousy as I ponder why us women can’t also have routines as seamless for ourselves.

So then, what is it that makes menswear so appealing and yet accessible at the same time? To me, it’s in the cuff of a sleeve, the sleek fit of a pair of trousers and the crispness of a button-downdetails that remain at the core of menswear despite the rise and fall of trends.

To try it out myself, I looked to Stella McCartney’s pre-fall 2014 line. It’s chock full of sharp brogues, matching suits and trench coats of every material imaginable. (I didn’t even know that a denim trench coat was a sartorial possibility before seeing this collection.) Stella McCartney is able to perfect a “borrowed from the boys” feel in most of these looks, of which number 16 stands out the most to me for it’s cropped trousers, sharp jacket and equally sharper pointed shoes. Speaking of shoes, I’ve recently been on the hunt for the perfect pair of oxfords or brogues, just like the one’s in this line, to add the finishing polish to my menswear look. In the meantime, though, I went for my trusty Nike running shoes, which I must say offer an interesting balance between the professional above the waist and grittier street wear below the waist.

I couldn’t be happier that we as women are taking a cue from our male counterparts in the way of apparel. After all, I’ve found men’s clothing to be much more well designed in its construction. In fact, more often than not, I like to sneak over to the men’s section of a store just to peruse their offerings. So here’s hoping that more women start wearing large white oxford shirts not only to suffice for a last-minute Risky Business costume.

Get My Look: 1. A crisp shirtdress or oversized blouse. 2. Leather leggings. 3. Chic sneakers and 4. A cozy camel overcoat.