STYLE GURU STYLE: Menswear is Everywhere

The man bun isn’t just for the guys anymore. Neither are their shoes, shirts, jeans, watches…you get the point. Not only does men’s clothing tend to be of higher quality and made with thicker fabrics, but they are also (most importantly) much more comfortable. And, the good news is, the blurring line between women’s and men’s fashion is only growing blurrier. Designers like Tomas Maier are beginning to incorporate mens looks into high fashion designer wear. From head to toe denim, to oversized puffer jackets, loose silk blouses and, my favorite part, flat shoes, you can look on-trend while relishing in comfort with his pre-fall 2016 collection.

At least in my experience, I have found men’s shirts to allow ample room for my not-so-runway-modelesque shoulders and chest. Men’s accessories are typically the opposite of dainty, making for a bold statement when worn, especially by a female. My look seeks inspiration from Maier’s masculine-casual runway collection, but with a more hipster, chilled-out vibe, drawn from my own college campus.

My overalls are clearly the focal point of the outfit. In the 20th century, they are acceptable as fashion wear, or, serving their original purpose, rustic workwear. They are the epitome of style and practicality. Maier’s two-piece all-denim outfit paired with a textured shirt blended these two concepts seamlessly, in a way that I wanted to mimic. His simple, minimalistic accessories add to the aesthetic of his line without drawing too much attention away from the clothes themselves. I added in a pair of my favorite reading glasses and popped on a neutral felt hat to compliment my own outfit, not fight it.

So, in summary, never be afraid to mix femininity with masculinity. Lines are made to be crossed, blurred, and scratched out when it comes to fashion.

Get My Look: 1. Classic denim overalls. 2. Textured blouse. 3. Short boots.