STYLE GURU STYLE : Menswear for Women

STYLE GURU STYLE : Menswear for Women

Masculine lines and structure are some of the many characteristics of one of the hottest trends in fashion: menswear for women. It’s more than just wearing your boyfriend’s sweater or buying from the men’s section of the department store.

Many brands have designed lines for women with amazing pieces such as structured blazers and crisp white shirts without the typical boning for the silhouette. The trend infuses an element of masculinity to women’s clothes producing clothes that make a girl feel like a “Girl Boss.”

This doesn’t mean this trend only applies to work wear; this includes styling of classic casual pieces such as denim and joggers. The trend is integrated beautifully in the Vetements spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection. Frankly, I think this trend gives an image of confidence and edginess that can only be described as sexy.

My interpretation of the trend is more casual through my take on a Canadian tuxedo. I paired an oversized denim button-down with jeans. The key is to use different textures or washes of denim to break up the pieces and give dimension. For instance, I paired my shirt with a darker, tighter pair of jeans. The key to keeping femininity and shape to the outfit is having one element be tighter and more form-fitting.

I think integrating the trend with something more casual like I have makes it a bit easier to try out without jumping into the deep end with full on vest pieces, suit pants and coats. I finished off the outfit with these black adidas ZX sneakers, which have a masculine shape to them. I added a faux-leather studded cuff to add some edge. I kept my makeup pretty simple and feminine to contrast the trend.

Get My Look: 1. Denim button-down. 2. Ankle length jeans. 3. Sporty sneakers.