STYLE GURU STYLE: Masculine Meets Feminine

For my STYLE GURU STYLE post this week, I went so far outside my comfort zone that I’m surprised I’m still standing. I was inspired by Telfar’s spring 2015 collection. Not just any collection, though. I was inspired by his menswear. The male models are all walking down the runway in loose, ripped jeans, with chambray shirts or white button-downs. I was inspired more specifically by this look.

I am about as feminine as it gets. I love dresses and makeup, and these are my first pair of jeans in years. But sometimes, you can get a little sick of being yourself. So, I donned my ripped “mom” jeans and oversized white button-down to try to echo Telfar, while still keeping my femininity intact. I tied the shirt at my waist in order to keep my shape. We often see models look one way and people look another, and I think it’s important to see fashion happen on a variety of bodies. For me, the tie at the waist allows my curves not to get lost in the outfit. I also wore my sea-green mirror Birkenstock sandals. I’ve seen these shoes all over the fashion world lately (if Naomi Watts can wear them, so can I), and once I tried them on, I really understood why. My mom laughs every time she sees them because they’re such a throwback, but I refuse to take them off so I guess we both win.

I topped the outfit off with a vintage Chanel necklace picked up from a thrift store. My budget, like so many other Fashionistas, does not permit me to buy things like Chanel, but secondhand stores are the best place to start digging for a special hidden item. I finished the outfit with my hair in two little buns on top of my head. To me, this look added something playful that was previously missing from the ensemble. Hair is an important feature, and when it gets this hot outside, it becomes vital to know how to put it up and still look cute.

Get My Look: 1. Ripped, baggy jeans. 2. White button-down. 3. Birkenstocks.