STYLE GURU STYLE: Make a Statement

Classiness at its best! The Banana Republic fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection was very inspiring! The clothes were clean and very classic. The mixed with menswear-inspired pieces gathered to make a spectacular collection. Some of the pieces seen were: sheer blouses, A-line trench coats, skinny trousers and subdued peplum tops. Simplicity was another main theme.

Even though this collection displayed mostly black and white pieces, my approach to one of the menswear-inspired outfits was not black and white. I wore brown and beige Forever 21 houndstooth shorts, black tights, black chunky heels and a statement bebe blouse with ruffles down the front and puffed three-quarter length sleeves.

Something in particular that I love about this outfit, that I’m sure my fellow petite girls out there like to do or may not know about, is: If you wear shoes the same color as either your tights or pants, it keeps the leg line going and therefore makes you look taller! Yay! It doesn’t hurt to get a couple of inches added to your height. Am I right? As an added bonus, these heels are super comfortable to walk in. Why? The chunky heel of course! I know it can be hard to wear heels in college, especially because classes can be so far apart. All that walking is killer! However, these heels are fabulous for walking to class without sacrificing comfort.

Another aspect I love about this outfit is being able to wear shorts during the winter season! Here in west Texas, weather is constantly changing! We are known for our extreme weather. Right now it is very cold and all that wind does not help at all!
Wearing tights under my shorts ensures that I’m warm even when it’s freezing outside!

Get My Look: 1. Statement blouse 2. Houndstooth shorts. 3. Black chunky heels.