STYLE GURU STYLE: Madewell for the Win(ter)

Rather than taking pictures of myself this month, I was able to find a Fashionista embodying my idea of the perfect fall and winter outfit. It’s getting colder in Boulder, so styling for the brisk air is harder than ever–or so we thought.

With inspiration from the Madewell fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I was able to create an effortlessly casual, yet comfortable look with only a few basic pieces. As a fan of Madewell already, I found myself very fond of the “artfully undone” look. Plaid shirts are very in-style right now (and are my personal favorite), while the different textures really bring the overall outfit to life. I was able to combine the leather sleeves, distressed denim, and suede booties all into one outfit. As the weather gets colder, Fashionistas(os) tend to favor the darker colors, which is exactly what the Madewell collection really indulges in.

There are few styles that I like to wear during this time of year due to my discomfort with the cold, but my main goal is to ensure that my clothes and style continue to make me feel comfortable and put-together at the same time. A few essentials that my friends and I love to wear are the classic flannel shirts and the distressed jeans.

To make it more applicable for school, I threw in the oversized purse and (my favorite piece) the draped jacket. I came out with the win for the easiest outfit for school or even work. Shh, they don’t have to know I woke up 30 minutes before.

The only things left that I needed to add for my own personal flare to Madewell’s style were the accessories and shoes. Nothing says my style more than pairing the outfit with a cute pair of suede booties and a statement necklace.

I have a feeling that these pieces will really win you some style points this fall and winter season. Overall, these pieces will continue to give you some comfort and ease to the harsh cold air that is approaching.

Get My Look: 1. Plaid boyfriend flannel. 2. Distressed denim jeans. 3. Leather sweater. 4. A pair of suede booties.