STYLE GURU STYLE: Mad for Metallics

Glitz, glam, and glitter are best known to make their debut during the holiday season. It’s the one time of the year when dressing up like a human disco ball is accepted, even encouraged. We take this time to indulge and adorn ourselves in only the most glamorous garments that are later stuffed back into our closets to make their next appearance the following yearor never again. But what if we stopped thinking of metallics as exclusively for special occasions and wore the trend anytime of the year?

That’s exactly what I did with this outfit. I’m sporting my favorite metallic oversize sweater in blue, a pair of light indigo wash distressed jeans, and loafer boots inspired by the phenomenally popular fashion insider shoe of choice, the Gucci leather loafer. When styling shimmering threads for a regular day I cap the shine factor at one garment and pair it with casual styles like jeans or more classic styles like trousers.

I’m a big fan of over-the-top garments and although mine can more often be seen inside my closet than on me, I think it’s important to give garments a second chance, no matter how extravagant. A metallic garment bought one year might not be in style the following year, so it’s worth a try to get wear out of it throughout the year.

But it’s not only the idea of promoting sustainability in fashion, it’s about deterring from popular notions and ideas that dictate the appropriateness of a garment or style based on the season or occasion. Remember, the only rules in fashion are the ones in your handbook. It’s about owning your style even when others don’t agree with you or understand why you’re wearing shimmering threads on a Monday morning in the office. It’s #RAD to be yourself, even if that self is low-key an over-the-top Fashionista.