February 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Every one of us would rather be in New York, drooling over the new ready-to-wear collections that are launching than in school., however, is making sure we don’t miss a beat of New York Fashion Week. This year’s collection for J.Crew still sticks to the classic style. There are a lot of stores that cater to the typical preppy sorority girl style like Patagonia and Vera Bradley, but J.Crew seems like the most appealing to the crowd. The new fall 2015 ready-to-wear line consisted of structured lines and a mixture of patterns and bright colors. My eyes were drawn to the intricate details of certain coats and scarves. I admired the strength in the collection’s personality. My favorite color is blue, and J.Crew was definitely urging me to create a look inspired by their use of the color in their new collection.

I styled my outfit to be minimal but with some statement pieces. I decided to stick with a classic style and did my best toning down a nice duster coat. The gray one I’m sporting neutralizes everything in any outfit I wear. The normal environment for a duster coat is a more formal event, so adding a pair of distressed denim made up for it. Another statement piece I added to this outfit was the tuxedo-inspired blazer. Excluding a tail, this blazer has a pretty awesome print that I thought would match the strength incorporated into the J. Crew collection. I love the style of it because placed it gave the outfit more dimension, and layers are always a plus.

A long coat and an extravagant blazer were enough excitement for one outfit, so the rest is a little predictable. Luckily, the blue shirt I wore was a perfect match for the blue that was in my blazer. I stuck with all-black for the rest of the pieces to keep the balance in colors. It was well under 25 degrees, so a hat was required. My favorite black leather boots have almost reached the end of their journey, but they served this outfit well. I wore simple silver accessories like the rings. The gloves were a cool touch, keeping the chill away from my fingers.

Get My Look: 1. Oversized coat. 2. Blazer with a white background. 3. Distressed black denim.