STYLE GURU STYLE: Lovely Leather

For me big blanket-inspired scarves, dark wash jeans and a pair of Converse are all I need for a day in the city. Though when it’s not 30 degrees out, it’s hard to find the right jacket to wear that won’t make you sweat all your makeup off the second you walk out of the door. The solution? Leather jackets. These jackets are perfect for this case, especially in New York City where they’ve become a staple piece for New Yorkers all-year round.

I’m not one to add much edge to my personal style, but a leather jacket is always a go-to when I want to look just a bit tougher. Getting inspiration from the recent pre-fall 2016 Alexander Wang and kate spade new york collections, I paired together a leather jacket with zipper and peplum detailing, dark-rinse jeggings, a burgundy and navy colored scarf and a pair of white Converse. The peplum detail of the leather jacket gives it a little more of a girly feel, which represents my personal style perfectly.

I’m always looking for the best way to remain stylish, but add any amount of comfort I can into the look I’m wearing. This look embodies that idea perfectly. The leather jacket is soft and easy to move in, the blanket scarf provides an essence of coziness and the Converse sneakers allow me to walk to class or around the city with comfort. It also offers a variety of materials to keep the outfit interesting. By throwing on a blanket scarf with a leather jacket, the look really stands out in a crowd. In New York, it seems that black leather jackets will never go out of style, and that’s 100 percent okay with me!

Get My Look: 1. Leather Jacket. 2. Dark Wash Jeans. 3. Blanket Scarf. 4.White Converse.