STYLE GURU STYLE: Love and Leather

STYLE GURU STYLE: Love and Leather

Stripes were the star trend on all of the spring 2017 runways. I tried out the stripe print with a twirly skirt with white and pink bands. Since it is also the season of love, this outfit is inspired by all things Valentine. This sweetheart’s look is super trendy yet still, has lots of classic vintage elements. I fixed my makeup in a ’50s inspired red lip and classic black winged eyeliner. My nails have also been painted the color of my lipstick—a tradition classical gals should always follow. The fresh white T-shirt paired with a leather jacket gives off a greaser vibe. My red leather bucket bag is from my late Great Aunts. I love wearing their clothes and using accessories of theirs to pay homage to the lovely women they were, plus it’s adorable and vintage!

Purchase an almost identical contemporary striped skirt that I am wearing! This skirt is great to mix and match solid colors with such as these vibrant reds. Since the weather is still chilly out, I paired the skirt with mauve pantyhose and ruffled lace socks. The socks add chicness to the delicate and romantic attire. Also, accessorize and wear your heart on your chest (or sleeve) with a cute lapel heart shaped pin. This “OK” pin is a great way to modernize and add some sass to your look.

My red leather jacket is the focal piece of this love look. This lipstick red leather is great zipped up or left open. I prefer leaving it open to show the layers I am wearing underneath. This racer red jacket features a front zipper with a band collar and very minimal design details, perfect for pairing with fun accessories. Pairing solid colors with a print is an easy way to create a beautiful outfit, even without being a style expert.

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