STYLE GURU STYLE: Looney Tunes Fun

There is no brand out there that has more fun with fashion than Moschino. Moschino’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear show pulled together pop culture inspired looks that are the essence of street style. Creative Director Jeremy Scott has infused this collection with pieces that are visually both entertaining and interesting. However, the clothing is not outlandish and there are many items that could seamlessly fit into any wardrobe. I admit that the main reason I am obsessed with this collection is the frequent references to my favorite childhood show, The Looney Tunes!

When recreating this collection it made perfect sense to start with my Looney Tunes T-shirt. Graphic T-shirts are my favorite way to show off a little personality. Plus, they have the added bonus of being extremely comfortable. Many of the runways looks from this collection include light denim pieces. I chose to tuck my T-shirt into a pair of super skinny high-waisted light wash jeans and rolled up the cuffs to make the outfit more appropriate for spring. High-waisted items have been everywhere for a while now, but this trend still does not seem like it will be going away anytime soon.

I added a bit more jewelry than I usually wear and mixed a few pieces that I normally would not put together. The different shapes on the rings and necklaces create a more unique combination. To maintain some consistency though, all my jewelry was silver and the only colors included were black and white. I maintained the black and white color theme with my headband. The headband is actually a tie from a dress that I took off and wrapped around my head to form a bow. This not only looked cute but also had the added bonus of taming some humidity induced frizz.

For shoes, I picked a pair of sneakers that are not only extremely comfortable, but also add a bit of the streetwear vibe from the collection. Plus, the gray color matches perfectly with the Bugs Bunny on my T-shirt. To add some more color to the outfit, I wore a vibrant red bag with silver hardware. As usual, I topped off my overall look by adding a bold lip. This actually took me a little out of my comfort zone though because the color was a bright orange. This is an uncommon lip color, but I have found that it looks beautiful in the spring.

My Moschino-inspired ensemble is actually a very typical everyday outfit for me. This look is easy to throw together and comfortable for a long day of classes and work. But at the same time, the graphic print T-shirt, headband and lip color make you stand out from the crowd!

Get My Look: 1. Loony Tunes apparel. 2. Stylish high-waisted jeans. 3. Classic pair of sneakers.