STYLE GURU STYLE: Long Live Levi's

Some folks speak of a legendary denim that has outlived the test of time—a denim that doesn’t stretch out and a denim that doesn’t go out of style. There are skeptics out there, but that is just because they have never owned a pair of Levi’s.

You really cannot deny it; everyone can appreciate a solid pair of Levi’s. They have lived through the years from era to era. While we have seen styles, such as bleached tips, Abercrombie & Fitch layered polos and Juicy Couture jumpsuits, come and go; we have always kept these denim pieces in our closet.

Whether you reach for your faded 501 jeans, or your classic trucker jacket, you can’t help but love Levi’s. My newest go-to pair of Levi’s are my wedgies. In these photos, you can see me rocking the wedgie fit in midnight rain. These high-waisted jeans are #RAD because of their high waist and unfinished edged cut. No better way to celebrate being an American than wearing denim on denim, so I did just that. I broke up the denim with a champagne camisole, which adds the perfect amount of color to this denim get-up. I finished my look with some floral heels and a suede baseball cap—because why not?

I can’t guarantee a pair of 550 Levi’s are going to make your ex love you again or take care of your student loans. But, I can guarantee that Levi’s will never disappoint you; unlike your ex.

So, here is an ode to Levi Brand Jeans lovers everywhere. May your denim be distressed and your waistband defined. Forget the leggings this fall, and get back to your tried and true Levi’s.