STYLE GURU STYLE: Living Young, Wild and Fashionable

STYLE GURU STYLE: Living Young, Wild and Fashionable

Last year I fell in love with Chloé. Waight Keller, the designer of Chloé, made a statement that made me realize the bliss that creating your own style brings to life. She said, “There’s such a fast pace to fashion; I think we’ve lost the innocence of the spirit of fashion… And I think there’s something quite joyful about fashion that’s been missing.”

Personally I love it because it is filled with feminine, elegant pieces that present a sense of freedom which is what summer is about for any college student. She put her sketches where her mouth was and truly portrayed that perfectly in her spring 2016 Runway Show. She had one of the most popular summer trends—off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, denim items of all shapes and sizes, cute lace mini dresses and strappy sandals.

I chose a cream colored cropped off-the-shoulder top, which is perfect for a hot summer day, with a denim skirt or you can transition it to fall with a pair of high waisted jeans. Thank goodness the denim skirt made a comeback because that was one thing I sure missed out on in the ’70s. They are so versatile for any season and can work with a feminine or grunge look, depending on what you’re feeling. To top off the outfit, I chose a neutral colored pair of espadrilles and a washed out baseball cap for a little something extra (and something to block the sun). I chose my new favorite lipstick to give some extra color and was all set to go. This look is perfect for going shopping, running errands or just hanging out.

I am definitely keeping what Waight Keller said in my mind this summer. I’m looking for clothing items that make me feel joy while wearing them and like I am living young while I still can.

Get My Look: 1. Off-the-shoulder top 2. Espadrilles 3. Denim skirt  4. Hat