STYLE GURU STYLE: Let's Travel The World

“We are all living with this new dimension,” Nicolas Ghesquiere commented when talking about his Louis Vouitton spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. Since Nicolas has arrived at Louis Vuitton in early 2014 he’s been obsessed with the idea of travel. This runway show definitely didn’t steer clear of his visions. To reach his expectations he incorporated a lot of denim, print pants, moto jackets and many neutral and cool colors. As someone who would love to travel, I found the collection both riveting and inspiring. One of the looks that stood out to me the most was an all-denim jumpsuit. In my mind, traveling encompasses going to places like London or Paris. Nicolas, however, really takes a step outside the box. It’s clear that, while creating this collection, he had a vision of travels outside of planet earth. The denim jumpsuit gives off a space suit vibe. However, the pockets and numerous visible seems up the legs transforms the vision into a trending ready-to-wear look, that served as a huge inspiration for my wardrobe and the wardrobes of many others I’m sure.

While it’s clear that I’m not traveling to space anytime soon nor walking down the runway modeling the Louis Vuitton spring 2016 collection, I decided to incorporate a denim button-down into my everyday outfit. By simply pairing a basic pair of leggings with an oversized denim button-down; I felt I created a perfect look that could very well go along with the theme of travel. Imagine wearing this outfit on the plane for your next family vacation. It’s comfortable enough for travel, yet trendy enough that your fellow Fashionistas will be sure to steel the look. By adding a contrasting pair of white high-top Converse, this outfit is complete.

Get My Look: 1. Throw on oversized denim button-down. 2. A pair of parachute pants cinched at the bottom. 3. Any pair of sneakers will also help you to obtain the effortless travel look.