STYLE GURU STYLE: Let’s Kick It Old School…

As Justin Timberlake would say, “what goes around comes around,” and lately this seems to be the motto for fashion. No, I don’t mean the Justin and Britney Spears denim fiasco; we haven’t got that far yet. In today’s trends the ‘90s era is making a major comeback.

The Coach 1941 fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection inspired my ‘90s sport vibe as they showcased their varieties of colorful bomber jackets. Red seemed to be a reoccurring color within the collection that definitely influenced my look. I integrated Stella McCartney’s pre-fall 2014 collection into my platform shoes. Levi’s recent collaboration with Vetements and off-white also motivated my choice in boyfriend jeans.

Although I threw it back to 1996, I wanted to add a modern, sporty twist. From living in Madrid this semester I’ve had time to observe the “platform movement.” My goal was to reinvent the ‘90s look by keeping some classic pieces, but to also incorporate some new trends. Shoes and jackets make or break the outfit, so I chose those colors and textures to be my standout pieces.

The main part of the look I wore vintage straight leg, Levi jeans with a cuff at the bottom. Then a simple white graphic tee was tucked in keeping the outfit neutral. History repeated itself when a pop of color was added with a vintage adidas bomber jacket. Can I be a backup dancer for NSYNC yet?

To tie in the modern hue I paired my platform oxfords with fishnet over-the-ankle socks. The two-toned platform makes the shoes easily accessible for either casual or fancy pieces. To wrap up the sporty theme, a Rebecca Minkoff minimalistic cross-body was added. Altogether these pieces kick it back to the ‘90s where bombers stole the show and boy bands coordinated outfits.