I have always believed in the mantra “less is more”. From decorating a room to putting together an outfit, the idea of having less to look at can emit the essence of more to the viewer. An outfit can still be sophisticated and chic even with a few simple pieces thrown together. The spring 2016 couture collection from Alexandre Vauthier features classy ensembles and high fashion looks that are achieved through simple pieces. From a basic tank top and baggy pants to exquisite yet monochromatic flowing dresses, Vauthier is successful in achieving the “less is more” mantra. Shades of black, white and olive tones with the occasional pop of cherry red or cheetah print can be seen throughout the collection. I admire Vauthier’s line for keeping his apparel to a strict set of colors and even throwing a few basic, everyday looks into his dressy couture line.

Taking inspiration from look number 10 in the collection, I decided to put together my own rad outfit that could be worn on a daily basis. I am wearing a plain black T-shirt under a black coat with cropped, white pants. These neutral, timeless colors of black and white allow anyone to achieve a classy ensemble without being over the top. The gold buttons on the coat also add a sense of sophistication without having to add any additional pieces to the outfit.

Going along with my black and white color scheme, I decided to add a few key pieces to my outfit to refine the look. I donned my favorite kate spade purse over my shoulder and slipped into a pair of strappy Jessica Simpson heels. I finished off my “less is more” getup with a pair of black cat eye Tiffany & Co. sunglasses featuring a crystal butterfly on the side.

I was amazed at how simple it was to take a couture look from the runway and translate it into an everyday outfit! This look is versatile and could be worn on many different occasions even if they’re for business or pleasure. Personally, I would wear this outfit to a job interview or for a fun day trip into the city.

With a key piece or two, any Fashionista/o can instantly revamp her/his style without complicating an outfit. From a simple color palette to a single standout piece, anyone can achieve the “less is more” look and still remain a true Fashionista/o.

Get My Look: 1. A black and white bag. 2. Strappy shoes. 3. Some sophisticated sunglasses.