Lately I’ve been having an identity crisis, mostly having to do with choosing what to wear or when it comes to buying certain things. However, it seems that I’ve been clinging mostly toward casual wear and the “less is more” kind of attitude. As of right now, the Tomas Maier’s resort 2015 collection is fueling up my casual wear persona. If you’re looking for practicality and simple pieces, this collection is your piece of chocolate cake. The moment you set eyes on this collection you will want every single piece from it and maybe some more. This collection focuses on simple, everyday lifestyle and brings in a functional element and a lasting impression.

I decided to bring along my love for stripes into this casual wear ensemble. I chose to wear this thrifted striped top. It has a boxy fit that brings in a cute flare and creates a balance with my denim skinny jeans. And if you’re wearing a boxy top, it is best to go for a more fitted bottom. If you were to wear something on the baggier side, chances are it’ll make you look very unflattering and not put together. The majority of the pieces were paired up with flats, but I decided to go for the slip on sneaker. These sneakers have become very popular, mostly because they are so versatile, and you can wear them with just about anything. To finish off my look, I wore a boater hat (it was only two dollars) to keep my look from looking too laid back.

Whether you’re having trouble choosing what to wear or want to try out a whole new look, this collection is up for the grabs. There is nothing better than making a bold statement than with a simple attire.

Get My Look: 1. A boxy striped top. 2. A boater hat. 3. Slip on sneakers.