STYLE GURU STYLE: Leather Weather

Well, we did it. We survived those three long and dreadful weeks of school after a sweet taste of Thanksgiving break. These past three weeks were nothing short of all-nighters, group projects, lengthy essays and cumulative finals. At last, we drag our sleep-deprived bodies to the finish line and can finally go right back to where we left off- on the couch, where mom caters food at our service.

I will say, fall semester has treated me well, but I’m also relieved to put this term behind me. I’ve gained experience that will only better me in my field, and I can only anticipate what opportunities will come my way in the upcoming spring. As for now, I’m ready for winter break and spending quality time in my hometown of Orlando.

However, before I can relax, I must conquer the challenge of packing three weeks worth of “Florida-appropriate” outfits for mid-December. Do I pack tank tops or sweaters? Sandals or boots? Bathing suits or jeans? Personally, I like to keep my options open when I get dressed, so I find myself packing a little bit of everything.

While packing, I came across this look from Christian Dior’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection and decided to put my own twist to it. The deep purple color has been one of my favorite trends this season, and Christian Dior perfectly paired the hue with leather bottoms, which makes a beautiful and appropriate combination for the fall/winter season.

I similarly paired my faux leather leggings with a knitted maroon sweater and pointed-toe ankle boots for a cold night out on the town. What I love most about this season is that you can have fun with different textures. In this outfit alone, I was able to pair suede, leather and knit into one ensemble. I concluded the look with a small gold-chained purse and a deep purple lip stain .

Packing will never come easy to me, but it sure helps having some outfit inspiration!

Get My Look: 1. Knitted sweater. 2. Faux leather leggings. 3. Pointed-toe ankle boots.