STYLE GURU STYLE: Leather Jackets And Graphic T-shirts

November 30th, 2015 at 2:10am

When fashion week comes around, everyone is super excited and anticipating the collections coming from designers in major cities such as Paris, London and New York; but I have been taking more interest in Tokyo’s fashion week this year. Tokyo has always been very creative with their sense of style and I admire that. The designer, Christian Dada, piqued my interest this year with his spring 2016 collection because of his simple, but rocker-chic looks.

In one of Christian Dada’s looks, a model is wearing a graphic T-shirt, which has become a growing trend. I’ve also become a little obsessed with the graphic T-shirt trend because of how easy it is to match with outfits. Also, it’s super cute and effortless. One of my favorite ways to wear a graphic T-shirt is to pair it with the perfect leather jacket, which was also shown in Christian Dada’s 2016 collection. A leather jacket is a must-have in my wardrobe because it easily goes with every thing I wear and always helps make my look more chic.

Making the runway look into my own, I found the perfect graphic T-shirt at Zara. Since I’m a french fry lover myself, I had to get it! It’s cute and simple, which is similar to the vibe from Christian Dada’s collection. Also inspired from his collection, I paired the graphic T-shirt with my leather jacket and a pair of jeans, since one can never go wrong with a classic look. The great thing about a graphic T-shirt is it can be worn in any season. During the summer I can pair it with high-waisted shorts and in the winter I can pair it with a cozy cardigan. There are so many ways to work around a graphic T-shirt.

Get My Look: 1. Graphic T-shirt. 2. Leather jacket. 3. Blue jeans.