STYLE GURU STYLE: Leather Hardware

STYLE GURU STYLE: Leather Hardware

Leather jackets are so easy to wear and style, they should be a staple in just about every Fashionista’s wardrobe. There’s so many different styles out there, you should be able to find one that fits both your personality and your body.

Here I chose a double breasted jacket from Zara, and this one works for me because it’s so versatile. Zipped up it gives shape to my upper body, but left open it still doesn’t expose too much of my shirt underneath if I don’t want it to. I also like how the bottom three inches zips off so this jacket can be cropped too. Details on leather jackets are what makes yours unique from all the others out there, so choosing one with the stitching, zipper, and color of metal hardware that you want is vital.

The one tricky thing about leather jackets is their prominent zippers and other hardware. Because these ones are such a polished silver, I probably wouldn’t ever wear gold jewelry with this jacket. With a skirt this light though, silver works much better, and when you add in a black stone ring it gives it more of a boho look. I kept it simple with a pair of booties (it’s no secret that I love comfort.)

The pleats add some textured detail to this outfit, because a purple A-line skirt would just be a little too simple. Pleated skirts are also an easily versatile bottom for an outfit floating between a day at work and a night out with the girls. For this outfit, you can forgo the jacket for work and add it back afterwards and switch out the low booties for a pair of cute heels. I love to mix textures, and the smooth leather along with the chiffon pleated skirt mixes a work style with a great go-to for nights on the town.

So remember, go with a leather jacket that has the hardware you want, and make your look versatile with removable components!