As we head deeper into fall, Toronto temperatures are slowly beginning to drop. That being said, whoever controls the heating system at Ryerson doesn’t seem to know if it’s the dead of winter or the middle of summer and depending on the room you’re in, it could feel like either. Because of this, November is a good month for layering.

When it’s unclear if your classroom is going to feel like a restaurant-grade refrigerator or the tropics, layers that can be undone can make the transition from outside to inside that much easier.

Mixing your layers can also be a great way to shake up old pieces in your wardrobe. Instead of putting all your summer clothes away, try mixing them with winter pieces you may not have considered. You might find items you’ve grown tired of are reborn anew when put in a different context to how you usually wear them.

For this outfit, I’ve worn my fuzzy, white sweater over a pastel pink turtleneck. I love the way the shoulder cut-outs on the sweater show a glimpse of the layer underneath. And if the lecture hall is too hot? Surprise! The turtleneck is a crop top. Paired with my high-waisted jeans, the outfit remains cohesive without the sweater and my skin won’t melt off from the heat.

I’ve also chosen to keep an element of summer alive and wore pink suede sandals (because the second snow hits the ground, these babies are getting benched for several months). Toes too cold? These chunky-heeled sandals still look cute with a pair of ankle-length socks.

In keeping with the Pepto-Bismol aesthetic, I polished the look off with my dusty rose overcoat and pink sunglasses.