STYLE GURU STYLE: Late Night Lace-Up

I love an interesting twist to any outfit, but when I’m not feeling extremely brave, small details can really do the trick. I think lace-up tops are a really funky way to dress up any outfit, without being over the top. Matching the lace-up in the top to a lace-up shoe is a great way to make an outfit cohesive and cute!

What I really loved seeing this fall was the Balmain spring show on the runway. I love the intricate details of all the designs, even though some are a little too dramatic for day-to-day looks. I loved looking through the collection and when I started looking around to find some of the looks for less, lace-up tops seemed to be the way to go. The shoes in the collection were all so cute and strappy, that I had to try and incorporate those as well. I was trying to give my look a little extra edge by adding the leather moto jacket, but I really loved trying to make my look as “Balmain” as possible.

I’m wearing a bodysuit from H&M that I absolutely love; it was such a great addition to my wardrobe. I love the look of tucked in shirts and bodysuits do all the tucking in for you, without having to re-tuck all day long. The distressed jeans are from Forever 21, which I cut myself. The bottoms on the runway had a lot of stripes and beadwork, which was a little too fancy for a night out, so I thought that a good way to dress it down would be to pair the look with distressed jeans. The all-black was a take on the monochromatic looks that were sent down the runway, but are also pretty standard in my own wardrobe. It was great inspiration for me to try some new styles, even if I didn’t quite change of the color scheme.

Get My Look: 1. Lace-up heels. 2. Lace-up top. 3. Moto jacket.