STYLE GURU STYLE: Lagerfeld for Fendi

So far, I have expressed my obsession with Kanye West’s style, but in this article I’d like to draw your attention to another fashion icon of every Fashionistas world—Karl Lagerfeld. We all have wanted to trade places with a celebrity who seemingly has become friends with Karl, like Kendall Jenner and the Biebs. Since Halloween just passed, I figured it would be fun to dress up as someone who might be friends with Karl. This years choice was Cruella De Vil. Cruella has a strong, unapologetic style. She refuses to deviate from the monochromatic color palette, like Lagerfeld himself. To achieve my ready to wear Halloween costume, I kept a close eye on Milan fashion week.

It gets ridiculously cold a few weeks after labor day in Greensboro, so you can imagine what it feels like today. The temperature is close to freezing, the wind is on ten thousand and the humidity does some serious damage to my curls. The collection I found to be the most appropriate for that situation was the fall couture line by Fendi. As I watched the show, I got chills. Literally, I was shivering in my car scrolling through all of the coverage from the runway shows when I came across it. The line is full of fur, stiff hair and unexpected accessories. Honestly, it couldn’t be any more dramatic. When it comes to clothing, I love the theatrics so I knew I wouldn’t have a hard time imitating it.

I love this outfit obviously because it’s all-black. I chose a look that was functional for the weather but still allowed me to add a few outrageous pieces. My dress has a great silhouette for comfort but the lace-up detail made it more fun and flirty. I’m a sucker for the seventies so the bat wing sleeves added a cool and classic flare. The sheer tights added the perfect layer of warmth without being too modest. My black stole added the perfect amount of drama to the outfit, and just to be a bit controversial I wore my western style fedora. To complete the look I wore a simple pair of black booties and a burgundy tote for a more fall-inspired look.

Get My Look: 1. Fur stole or scarf. 2. Little black shift dress. 3. Rich colored handbag.