December 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hopped off the plane at LAX with my dreams and my lace-up dress? A couple weeks ago, I left the freezing and snowy weather of the East Coast and went home for Thanksgiving to the always-hot-and-sunny West Coast, where lace-up dresses were taking over the city.

Keep in mind that the weather in Los Angeles is always around 80 degrees, so this look was easy to sport. I headed straight to the mall and picked up two lace-up dresses to stay in with the trend. For this look above, I wore my lace-up dress with a jean jacket and booties. The jean jacket worked as both a cute accessory and an article of warmth when the sun set. Throughout the day, I wore the jacket around my waist to add some extra flair, but at night by the ocean when the wind kicked in, the jean jacket was the perfect weight for an extra layer.

A bootie works perfectly with the lace up dress to add a bit of sophistication to the casual look, while of course adding an extra inch of height. Sneakers can be worn too to stay with the chic comfortable fashion. When wearing the lace-up dress to the beach, sandals are the perfect alternative.

Even outside of California, lace-up dresses are a must. To wear this look without getting frostbite, try black see-through tights, high boots and a fur jacket. I will definitely bring this look back with me to the east and share this Californian craze with Fashionistas here in Boston.

The great thing about the lace up is that it allows for a nice V-cut without showing too much skin and being overly revealing. Lace-up dresses can be tight and worn for the night out, or the T-shirt dress style for the day-to-day look. Additionally, you can find this particular style not only as a dress, but also as a long sleeve top, T-shirt or even a tank top. The lace up accessory adds complexity and style to any plain look, so be sure to try out this trend!