STYLE GURU STYLE: (L)ace the Test

August 4th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: (L)ace the Test

I have always been a big fan of lace. I believe lace is magical because it gives you a modest yet sensual vibe. It keeps you covered up but also gives mysterious tribute to your silhouette. Also it’s versatile as heck. Depending on how you style your lace you can get virtually any kind of vibe from your outfit.

So you can imagine my excitement upon viewing Zuhair Murad’s fall 2016 couture collection. He used some type of lace in virtually every look but they all had a unique feel to them. His show had an unexpected boldness but that was his intention. He describes a Murad girl as “young, modern and rock, but elegant at the same time”. I fell in love with the compelling attitude in his garments that I read as really boho gypsy chic. He perfected a sense dark romanticism through his ideas of opulence, color, and ornamentation. It’s obvious he’s pulling major inspiration from the ‘70s yet the ethereal atmosphere of lace was balanced by luxury velvet from previous decades.

Since it is still summer and a million degrees out, I had to ditch the long sleeves and heavier fabrics that embrace the feel of the fall collection. Instead, I opted for this backless top that combines my two loves of astronomy and vintage clothing. I purposefully made this choice to create a lighter more effortless look for the summer day while showing some personality through the garment. The only thing that I would say is missing from my ensemble is a wide-brim hat. The hats in Murad’s collection had a strong attitude about them and would have added an additional edge to my look. But one detail that really added spark to the outfit were my textured rings—aka finger candy. And we can’t forget the star of this ensemble, which are these crotchet bell bottoms! Not only are they the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn, but they’re also super unique and flattering. If you don’t have a pair I recommend investing ASAP.

Being able to incorporate designer looks into my own closet and put my own twist on them makes me feel like the world is my runway. I hope I can inspire you to take a risk and try your own take on some couture fashion!

Get My Look: 1. Lace bell bottom pants. 2. Backless halter top. 3. Fisherman sandals.