STYLE GURU STYLE: Knee-High Knockouts

December 23rd, 2015 at 2:07am

With finals dying down and graduation right around the corner, I’ve started to let my inner New Yorker take over, which seems to involve a lot of black in clothes and coffee. Preparing to leave my sunny winters behind for the icy streets of Manhattan, I am at a loss for how to dress well all the while staying warm.

Luckily, I stumbled upon T by Alexander Wang’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Turns out, it’s all about big coats and boots. Alexander Wang plays with the idea of nearly full coverage, leaving thighs exposed. He creates legs for days through clean lines and intentionally short dresses.

Inspired by Alexander Wang, I chose to pair a long-sleeve black high-low dress, with over-the-knee boots and a long peacoat. Though I wouldn’t necessarily opt for trying to march through the snow in stilettos, my leather boots have become a going out necessity. Both stylish and warm, they keep my thighs from realizing the cold wind is whipping against them, while building an air of mystery. For a neutral lift, I imitated the contrast Wang constructs with a lighter-colored trench coat by wearing an olive peacoat. Embellished with bold gold buttons, the peacoat projects a structured modern day military vibe. I also decided to add a multi-chained gold necklace underneath my coat for an extra layer of depth that complements the gold in the buttons. Lastly, I wore a wine-colored lip to tie the outfit together against my pale complexion.

Get My Look: 1. An olive peacoat. 2. A multi-chained gold necklace. 3. A pair of over-the-knee boots. 4. Wine-colored lipstick.