STYLE GURU STYLE: Keeping The Edge

Tom Ford: He is my favorite designer, a huge inspiration for my style and someone I really hope to be best friends with one day. From dressing Daniel Craig for James Bond movies to working with Rihanna, he has quite a repertoire for dressing big name celebs for so many different events. Though his designs are edgy and borderline, if not cross the line of scandalous, he still maintains a classy reputation. That’s what I go for in my everyday style, and why I drew from his ready-to-wear collection for fall 2015.

In this collection, he uses a lot of black, per usual. However, what made this stand out to me is the mix of textures and lengths of garments to create interesting dimensions. From knee-length fringe dresses to chevron fur coats, and all denim pieces to vibrant suede, Ford really used so many different fabrics in his collection to create a beautiful look.

I tried to channel this in my outfit, using a longer dress, lace knitted textured tights and thigh-high boots. Then for a pop of color, I used my favorite scarf with fringe to also add even more texture to the outfit. To add my own differentiation of fabrics, I chose the leather stonewash boots and the blanket scarf. I think minimalism with surprising and edgy touches are what make Tom Ford’s designs RAD, and finding a way to incorporate that into your closet can make all the difference.

Get My Look: 1. A simple swing dress. 2. A blanket scarf. 3. Any thigh-high boots.