STYLE GURU STYLE: Keepin' It Straight

As fall weather finally starts to approach, we can finally bring out our favorite fall items. My fall must-have is a stylish outerwear piece, whether it’s a coat, cape or poncho. On these chilly days leading up to winter, sometimes all people will see is your outerwear. It is still a part of your ensemble, which means it still represents your personality. It is important to be stylish inside and out.

I never really put much thought into what coat or jacket I got for the season, as long as it kept me warm. This year, with inspiration from the A.P.C. fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I found a way to incorporate both style and warmth. My style can now be seen before I reach my destination.

In this collection, there are countless looks incorporating a jacket, blazer or coat. These looks all seem to have two things in common: a straight cut coat and a denim item to match, which is a classic fall staple. Many people associate straight cuts with a masculine look, while it is in fact androgynous. Ladies, it is up to you to decide if you want to add a feminine touch or keep it the way it is. Men, you too can choose if you want it to be casual or dressed up.

My look adds both of the common themes in the collection. I wore my favorite coat from H&M and paired it with a pair of Forever 21 denim boyfriend jeans. I chose to mix in my girly side with a pair of Aerosole heeled booties and accessories.

After seeing this collection I noticed I am a big fan of androgynous style. I sometimes find myself at the cash register with a men’s sweater in my hand. Don’t be afraid to look on their side for ideas or even clothing to buy.

Here is another tip, a good coat is worth a splurge. So, I suggest you get outerwear you can see yourself wearing for a more than just this year. Make sure it is timeless and shows a bit of your RAD personality.

Get My Look: 1. A simple but stylish coat. 2. cute pair of comfy, denim jeans. 3. A nice pair of booties for a feminine touch.